Friday, 22 January 2010

Progress Post: Level 70

Finally, Leesah has hit the big Seven-Oh.

The levels from 60 passed quickly, burning through Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, Nagrand and Blades Edge Mountains.  I even managed to hold off going to Northrend until Leesah dinged 69, just to get a bit of a head start.

Do you remember the first time you traveled to Northrend?  On the night that WotLK was released, we lined up at midnight like good little geeks and picked up our copies of the game.  Back at home, the installation seemed to take forever, but eventually we headed out to the new Stormwind Harbour and boarded the ship to Howling Fjord.

The sense of awe as you sail into the Fjord is amazing - the music is dramatic and the scenery is so much more detailed than any other zone so far.

I have just been able to experience that feeling again, this time from the Horde side.  The zeppelin from Undercity lands pretty much right on top of Vengeance Landing so you don't get quite the same feeling of amazement at the Fjord, but the difference to the old world is still there and still makes Howling Fjord awesome.  I'm really looking forward to leveling up and seeing the rest of Northrend through Horde eyes!

Leesah's had a few nice upgrades already, especially after doing the daily random in Utgarde Keep, where the group shared the quests.  The quests there are really worth doing - the rewards are great.  They are [A Score to Settle], [Disarmament] and [Ingvar Must Die!].

The other awesome thing I didn't realise about the daily random dungeon, is that after level 70, you no longer get a [Satchel of Spoils], but two [Emblem of Triumph] instead!  I'm definitely going to try to do a random dungeon every day now!  I went in as DPS by the way - I chickened out of healing as Balance ;)

The next few days will be quiet around here - it's Australia Day and a public holiday on the 26th and since it's a Tuesday this year, we're taking advantage and having an extra-long weekend to go camping.  It's about time we went outside after all this WoW I suppose.  Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week ;)

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