Saturday, 16 January 2010

Snippets from the Blizzard Dev Twitter Session

This morning there was another Blizzard developer chat with Mr Ghostcrawler and Mr J. Allen Brack over on the fine networking and general time-wasting medium that is Twitter.

The answers that the guys chose to answer out of the hundreds, perhaps thousands they received, were posted here on the official forums.

The questions and answers have been organised into lists and analysed by several different sites - has a list organised into categories, and Lissanna over at Restokin provided this excellent look back on Balance druids and a peek towards their future. There are buffs incoming for Moonkin, but Tree druids didn't really get a mention. I thought there were a few interesting ones on other subjects though.
 Q. You added Armor->Strength talents to discourage Plate from wanting DPS leather. Are there any plans to stop non-clothies from wanting Cloth?
A. Yes, we do have some plans.
Excellent.  There are some really nice cloth items that have been dropping in dungeons, but I've been unable to roll need on them and they have been disenchanted :(  It would be really nice not to have to worry about competing with clothies for their own gear. 
Q. Would you be willing to make personal bank storage look more like guild storage and available to all characters on a realm?
A. This is something we discuss a lot. It actually helps with keeping mail volume down as well as a player convenience. 
 Oh, yes please.  Having storage for all characters in one location would be super-useful.  I'm guessing you would still need to put soulbound items in your personal bank, unless it was possible to restrict taking the items out to the character the item is bound to.  I'm a hoarder, so the more space and the more convenient banks are, the better!

Q. Why is there hardly anything in Crystalsong Forest? It is a shame to see such a beautiful zone go to waste!
A. Yeah, it makes us sad. Part of the problem is that it sits beneath Dalaran, which ended up being more of a resource hog than we had anticipated. We didn't want to draw too many more players to that zone. Initially the Crusader's Coliseum was going to be there, which is why some of the quests send you there. We just worried too much about the performance hit. Anub'arak ended up working out well though in Northrend.
 I always thought this about Crystalsong Forest. There are a few quests you can do there but really, it's a beautiful zone that you rarely see except on the way to somewhere else.

Q. Can we expect a Canadian style pet for the Olympics this year?
A. I will put in a request today for an epic moose mount, not sure if it will make it in though.

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