Thursday, 7 January 2010

Progress Post: Level 60

45 hours /played and we have reached level 60.  First stop: [Into the Wild Blue Yonder].

The refer-a-friend process worked really well for us - two players returning to the game wanting to level up as quickly as possible.  I'm just not sure it would work so well for other people.  Multiboxers aside, the only other people the RaF was designed for is for new players leveling up with an existing player.  The main problem I see with that is that it's just too fast - the first experience most players have of the game is the leveling process, and you miss most of that with RaF.

For instance, we never set foot in such places as Azshara, Winterspring, Ungoro Crater, Felwood (okay no loss there), Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, plus barely set foot in the Plaguelands - that's a lot of game a potential new player is missing. It's a beautiful game, and soon these areas will be quite different.

For sheer speed, however, RaF is the bomb.  Pair with TourGuide (with RaF data) and you're on fire.

Now, to replace all this shirty low-level gear.

PS, I am perfectly okay with missing Silithus. /shudder
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