Friday, 8 January 2010

LFG Impressions

Hellfire Citadel
Many bloggers around the place have been posting about their horror stories with the new LFG tool.  There have been tales of people being kicked, dropping group, ninjas and general anguish.  Oh, and plenty of ranting about Oculus.  I never minded going in there, it was something a bit different.  One of my old guildies ran it every day for about a month to try to get the healing plate legs out of there.  I haven't ever pugged it yet, mind you.  I look forward to that.. /sarcasm.

In any case, I joined the random dungeon queue with Leesah at level 60 just to see how she went as a healer in Balance spec.  Bam, instant group for Ramparts, so off we went.  The group looked good - Pally tank, a dk, kitty druid and an elemental shaman.

Soon after we started, the tank had to go, so we picked up another dk as tank.  So far so good, except that for some reason I was drinking after every pull.  You may say "But Ang, balance druids will run out of mana really fast when healing so it's no wonder you have a drinking problem!", but the actual reason was because the elemental spec Shaman was standing up front with the tank, hitting stuff with his weapon and flinging out spells left and right, continuously pulling aggro.  I pretty much had to spam heal him to keep him alive, and there were quite a few times where I couldn't catch him and he bit the pavement.  Also lack of threat control meant that a few got through to me and I died pretty quickly when they started thumping me as well.

Now I realise some people may not understand threat mechanics, so I'll explain it simply.  If you are not the tank, and stuff is hitting you, gtfo and stop doing dps.  I'm not sure whether level 60 Shaman have some kind of threat dump but honestly, this guy was just getting pummelled the whole time.

I thought about asking him whether he had Omen or actually knew that elemental shammies are usually supposed to stand back and shoot lightening, but he looked like he was enjoying himself dying all the time so I decided to keep quiet, but by Elune trying to spam heal a wannabe tank shammy is not a relaxing way to spend time, I can tell you.

We managed to get through the instance and I picked up a nice blue necklace from my Satchel of Spoils as well as some loot from one of the bosses, so I think I may do a few more low level pugs soon.  On the whole the group was very polite and no-one said anything nasty to each other so I think that went quite well don't you?

PS.  Follow the ninja link.  But don't blame me for getting it stuck in your head.
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