Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Leveling 70-80: Balance or Resto?

So, the Crimson Halls open today, after a much shorter wait than for the previous gate.  It sounds like most guilds are still working on Professor Putricide so I guess this will motivate people to get a move on with him.

All this does for me is to make me want to get back into raiding faster... I love new content and the challenges it brings.  I need to get cracking.

My current action plan as it stands is thus:
  1. Get Leesah to 80.  She's currently at 69, and until we get Aefa and Mengfu to level 60 I don't see myself getting a chance to play her.  Mengfu is going to be my husband's main so I'm happy to help him get up there, I don't mind, honestly... just impatient to play Leesah a bit.

  2. Chain random heroics until I have all the Triumph gear I can eat, and pick up some Frost emblems along the way.  I do actually have a gear list for this - I'll share once I get to 80.

  3. Find a guild who will take me to Icecrown.

  4. ???

  5. Beat up Lich King.
So, first things first:  Leveling.

Experienced Druids, I need some advice.  Should I stay Balance until I have enough gear to be able to heal heroics reliably, or should I respec Resto after dinging 70 and level up as much as I can in dungeons?  Has anyone done the 70-80 grind in Resto?  Is it as much of a pain as it sounds? I'm enjoying being a Boomkin but I'd like to get some healing practice while it's still fairly easy stuff. 

Suggestions are welcome! The obvious answer is to dual-spec, but at the moment I'm not in a financial position to afford it.  I'm working on it though :)

PS. Image at the top is from  What a brooding sky!
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