Thursday, 18 March 2010

Horoscopes for Thursday, March 18

Greetings, Madame Angelya here. Today I put my mystical, er, gold coin hat on and attempt to read the meaning concealed within today's star alignments for your guild. May you find truth and enlightenment.

The Healer 
Your nurturing nature will get a real work-out today, Healer. Try to remain calm in your pugs but if you have to let the DK die, do it.  You'll feel better afterwards. There is loot around you but it I feel it is destined for the dps - make sure to sweet-talk the raid leader before the start.

The Raid Leader
The planets are aligned for your guild run today.  It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, trash and bosses will drop like flies and your raiders will stay out of the fire (mercifully). Chill! Let your raiders know how they're doing, but not like this guy. Be wary of finding yourself taking over the pug raid that you may be tempted with in the afternoon.

The Teen
Sometimes, everything feels so unfair, and that no-one understands you, and that somehow, it is all your Mum's fault, all of it. Today, Teen, people in your guild are starting to wonder about your outbursts and if you want to keep going to raids, it is probably best if you just keep your mouth shut and do the great job that your guild loves you for. It will pass.

The Drunk
Be careful how many you have at the pub before the raid tonight, Drunk!  There's loot on the cards for you for the first couple of bosses.  After that, I don't see much more of interest in your stars so... cheers!

The Girly Girl
You know how to get what you want, Girly Girl, and today it is definately within your grasp. If you ask, help will come, just make sure to let everyone know that you are in need of it! I sense special attention from a certain young mage who has his eye on you!

The Robot
Business as usual for you today, Robot.  You'll cream the damage meter, and once again leave everyone wondering whether you're a real person. Make sure not to speak to anyone to maintain the illusion.

The Mum
I sense a great struggle for you today, Mum. This struggle may involve a great deal of vomit. It's probably best if you don't sign for the raid tonight.  Your guild loves you, but they will thank you for not making them wait for 20 minutes while you're afk to clean up the mess.

The Overachiever
The World (of Warcraft) is your oyster today, Overachiever! It's a great day to go clean up those 230 or so quests you have left in Kalimdor, but make sure you keep an eye on the time - you don't want to miss the raid again.

The Altoholic
I feel the stars are not right for pugging TotC today, Altoholic.  Your time could be better spent grinding heroics on your second Shaman, or perhaps getting a few more levels from multiboxing with your second and third accounts. Your guild run for tonight will need healers - don't bother trying to get your mage or hunter in, they won't buy it.

The Pro
Today will feel very much like you're fighting against an enrage timer with all the farming you need to do before the next raid, Pro. Rather than beating your head against things, let the trial members do the fishing and the flask production.  A better use of your time is to hover over the well outside the bank in Dalaran on your Icebound Vanquisher and be admired by the unwashed masses below.

The DPS-Hound
Things will seem frustrating today, DPS-hound.  You will try and try but that top spot on the meter will elude you. There is loot coming your way, but make sure you check the spreadsheet well to make sure it's really an upgrade before you roll.

The Comedian
Everyone loves you, Comedian, so get ready for a raid invite where you can dps as little as you like.  Make sure you have trade channel turned on if you're in town today, as an opportunity could come your way.  A few mentions of anal [Rupture] should start things off.

So.. what's your sign?

Ps. No, the pic at the top is not me, I pinched it from and I'm sure the good people of Scunners won't mind me borrowing it :)
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