Friday, 12 March 2010

Reader Roundup: March 12

Most of what has been going on around the blogosphere in the last couple of weeks has been related to SAN, and thanks to all the new blogs I've discovered through the guild, my reader is overflowing with blogginess! I've picked a few gems to share.

First things first, speaking of gems, I've made a couple of changes to my mining charts here and the gems from mining and prospecting chart here, so go check them out.

A Druidy post first. Lissanna at Restokin wrote about Moonkin DoTs after patch 3.3.3 hits.  Looks like we'll be getting more dps increase by replacing Glyph of Insect Swarm with the Starfall glyph, and dropping IS refreshes to a low priority.

Another Moonkin post today - Graylo from Gray Matter has completed his update to the Moonkin ICC Raiding Gear List.  This list includes hard mode ICC and crafted items for Moonkin, but Graylo asks us to keep in mind that the list is a guide only and should not be used as a strict how-to-gear bible.  It is up to each player to keep our hit, crit and haste caps in mind while juggling gear.

Some healy goodness from Zahia from One More Alt, who posted a great beginner's guide to setting up Grid. The step-by-step instructions might help you overcome your fear of the configuration menu!

For those who use Wordpress, here's some security advice from Problogger.

The Lunar Festival finished last weekend and with it, the Elder blogging event, organised by Khi.  You can see the full list of blog entries written for the event over at Tree Burglar.  And stay tuned for the next event - Noblegarden starts in a few weeks and there's a blog event in the works for that as well!

The Daily Blink came up with a real gem this week - Yes, Arthas Really Is That Evil.

Finally, this post made me giggle - it's about the Sydney City Train system and you'll find it on Pugnacious Priest.
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