Thursday, 11 March 2010

Progress Post: Dinging 30

This post is inspired by one on Pugnacious Priest, in which she considers that she could be wasting her childbearing years on WoW, and gets a little bit Bridget Jones-y.

In a few days time, I will ding 30 in that other game known as "Real Life".

It's easy to get depressed about it, considering I am still pretty much doing the same job that I'm not that passionate about 6 years after I finished uni, and have been spending my evenings for much of the last three years playing a computer game.

But it's that computer game that has given me a lot over the last three years.  It has taught me so much about people, about teamwork, basic management skills and improved my reflexes.  The people in the game were my family during the time when my real family was a world away, it's given us cheap entertainment when we could be spending a lot more money on other stuff and has also inspired me with a new outlet for creativity in the form of this blog.  Not to mention being such brilliant fun that we are still playing it three years later!

While we lived overseas, we had less family commitments so our nights could be taken up with raiding several times a week.  Now that we're at home, I don't have the luxury of being able to commit to four nights a week, 90% attendence.  I wanted to join a casual guild who wasn't necessarily focused on the latest raid progression, but rather raiding a few times a week and enjoying simply seeing the content. I've been fortunate enough to find that now, and so far, things are good.

I want to be able to ease out of the game when the time comes to start a family.  I couldn't hack going cold turkey again.  The first time was bad enough.

When I consider the real life depressing side of turning 30, I just have to remember that we spent 5 years living in a foreign country (which I loved), traveled across the world to get home ( if you're interested) and my wonderful husband and I now live in our own home and both have jobs.

So what am I getting at here? Although I'm about to officially stop being "young", sometimes you have to look at things another way to see the positive side.  It's still only six months since we got home.  It's just the start of a new chapter. 

Count your blessings and be happy how you are.  Then everything else is a bonus.
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