Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Post of Whine and Two Qs

Today is Saint Patrick's Day, on which lots of people use the Irish Patron Saint's day as an excuse to paint themselves green and go out on the town to get completely trashed.  I happen to have met a few Irish people along my way and I can tell you that in most cases, this is exactly the thing that they most like to do in the world! So have at it, and enjoy!

Today is also, according to Klepsacovic, Whiny Post Day - the one day a year when bloggers can whine all they like, because we hold it all inside the rest of the time.  He also says to not actually post this today in case it interferes with your St Pat's celebrations, but I will post because I've been home sick and that means I'm not going anywhere to get trashed.

Which brings me to my first item of whine:
1. I am not going anywhere for St Pat's day to get trashed. I got sick, on my birthday, and I still am. I have spent two days in bed but thankfully, my body has allowed me to actually sit at the computer today.  This brings me to my second item.

2. I have been raiding recently and doing a lot of heroics. This means I have been getting quite a few gear upgrades.  You may say, "But Ang, this is no reason to whine!"  I'm afraid it is. Gems, my friends, are FREAKING EXPENSIVE. And the enchants that go on your head and legs?  At least 100g a pop! I may be a tree, but I am certainly (and most unfortunately) not a Money Tree (see below)!  I have spent my whole day today chaining heroics and doing the whole Hodir chain in the Storm Peaks to get enough money to buy three, yes THREE measly gems, one of which wasn't even epic.  And I need seven. I've really got to get my little miner up to Northrend, or l2play the AH properly.

3.  My third point of whine is that after work, there are just not enough hours in the day to play all my characters, raid, level up several alts, make a bit of spare cash so that poor Aefa can l2fly, level up fishing and cooking, and sleep. The good thing is that all that stuff is really good fun ;)

Whew! With all that whining out of the way I can now return you to your usual cheerful Ang!  Happy Saint Pat's!

PS. Since I'm jumping on the whine bandwagon I might as well jump on the mspaint one also. May I present, the Money Tree.
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