Monday, 22 March 2010

Resto and Balance Gear List Resources

Now that I've started raiding regularly I need to know a bit more about gear that's available than what's in the Fresh 80 gear lists for Tree and Moonkin.

Rather than make new lists myself, I thought I'd link some great lists that are already out there. I still maintain my own spreadsheet, and I recommend you work out a wish list yourself for the raids that you go to frequently - it really helps to know ahead of time what loot there is for you, and your loot master appreciates it if you don't spend a long time working out whether to roll on gear after a boss is down.

The main thing to remember with Resto gear is to stack Haste until 735 if you have 3/3 Celestial Focus. For each 40 Haste rating after that you can take a point out of CF. The Haste cap without CF is 856. More information is in the Resto Cheat Sheet.

Moonkin have a range of caps to reach and juggle - you can read more about these on the Balance Cheat Sheet.

And that's pretty much what I'm looking at to help me with gear.  If any other druids have guides that you know of, please comment and let me know.
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