Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tree Gets Mad: A Pug's Tale

This is a story about a pug of randoms.  Yes, it's one of those stories. 

I'm not normally one to get mad at people - I'm usually pretty forgiving. But last night, my patience was tested to the limit.

Scene: Heroic Forge of Souls. In the corridor leading to the final boss, there are a number of ghosty mobs that hit the whole party like a truck. We went in, attacking one. There's another one outside the door behind us - it gets pulled by accident. We wipe - no biggie, we just need to take the mob outside first.

When we get back in there and get going again, the tank just runs into the tunnel again, leaving the mob outside.  The DPS warrior gets all funny about it and says something like "wtf are you stupid?".  The rest of us just run well inside the tunnel and keep attacking the mob in front of us.  

Then, the DPS warrior runs back out of the tunnel and picks up the mob outside.  Meanwhile, the rest of the group are attacking the next mob towards the boss - all I knew was that the warrior was taking damage somewhere outside my range.  I didn't realise what the idiot had done until he says in party chat, "HEAL!".

Now I consider myself a reasonable person, but people telling me to do my job when I am clearly already doing it really makes my blood boil.  It's probably a good thing that this guy couldn't hear the names I was calling him.  This time I just managed to heal through the two mobs and we didn't wipe (adrenaline?), but I was so pissed off afterwards that I told him exactly where to go.  A vote to kick was initiated, but since we were right near the final boss anyway, it wasn't worth it so I just said no, and we just killed the boss and left. I didn't record anyone's names, because I was so mad I logged over to my mage to throw spells at stuff for a while.

I vented my spleen on gchat and on Twitter about it, and most people's reactions to it were along the lines of, "Should have just stopped healing him then - let him die." At the time it had occurred to me that I could have just let him die, but I didn't. I thought about why I had kept healing - I guess it must be that as a healer, I'd feel like I hadn't done my job properly if I let someone die, even if that person was a total asshat.  I honestly didn't really think about it at the time, only later once I read everyone else's reactions.

Why are healers so vindictive?  Is it because we have the power to keep someone alive, so if they make us mad we use that to our advantage? Did I, by choosing to keep the asshat alive, decide to use that power for good rather than evil? Do we feel like we need to teach the idiot dps a lesson?

Would YOU have let the asshat die?
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