Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Anslym's Favourite: Ruby Dragonshrine

Ruby Dragonshrine, by Anslym

"The Ruby Dragonshire is my favourite place in WoW because of all the lore behind it.  The titans empowered the Red Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - Life Binder as ruler over all Dragons on Azeroth.  She has the power to give and take life, she is possibly the most powerful entity on Azeroth. Travelling to the shrine and being in it makes me feel safe, as if she is looking out for me.  After battling the undead and the harsh winds its nice to step into an oasis of warmth in the middle of the Dragonblight.  In my fanfiction (pending) each of my characters will experience the dragonshire and each of them will have different reaction to what they see there.  Oh and in case you were wondering I do like the Ruby Sanctum as well."
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