Sunday, 17 October 2010

Patch Time!

Honey, I'm home!!

Okay so the place kind of exploded while I was away.  The patch hitting means that, thanks to my Gem changes post, I had the highest number of visitors I've ever had. Now that I'm back it's kind of gone back down to near normal, but I hope the new visitors found something useful here and will come back again! Make yourselves at home :)

Thank you very much to the people who sent me guest screenies of their favourite places to put up while I was away, including RadesTarinaeAnslym and Vidyala

Patch 4.0.0 is currently installing on my computer - it's a slow one, isn't it? In the meantime, I've been catching up on what to expect once I finally get to log in. First things first, although many of my addons have been updated, I will be turning them all off and rebuilding from scratch I think.

May I just send out a huge thank you to all the Druid bloggers who have been following and writing guides for the changes. Druids all over the world appreciate your efforts - you guys are awesome!

If you're looking for a few good guides on how things have changed for your Resto or Balance Druid, may I recommend:

Please note I have now updated my cheat sheets for Resto and Balance.  

For kitties, check out Primal Precision's post here.

The Inconspicuous Bear has some leveling tips for Bears, and plenty of other Bearish information.

Good lord, there's a lot to re-learn.
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