Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hallow's End 2010 - Tricks and Treats for Alliance

Hallow's End is upon us!

Today it's time to take a look at the Alliance's route through Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, to get those parts of the [Tricks and Treats of Azeroth] achievement.

I've made a list of the locations of the Alliance buckets, and arranged them roughly in an efficient order. These lists have been done before in a few places, but they are mostly aimed at level 70s or 80s who already have all the flight points. I've tried to make it lowbie-friendly, by including the level range for each zone.  You might like to risk running through high-level areas, or if you're short on time or on a PvP server, skip them.

Don't forget, once an hour you can Trick or Treat an innkeeper for a chance to receive items for other achievements like the wands, masks or tooth picks! Just talk to the innkeeper and the Trick or Treat option should be there.

Small disclaimer:  This may or may not be the most efficient route - if you can suggest an improvement please let me know!

For each instruction, take a taxi if you are able. Otherwise, you'll have to ride! Don't forget to pick up flight points along the way if you don't have them!

Alliance Candy Bucket Tour

Start in Stormwind, Trade District.

Ride to Elwynn Forest (1-10), GoldshireYou can do [The Saviour of Hallow's End] here if the Headless Horseman is about!

Ride to Westfall (10-20), Sentinel Hill.

Fly/ride to Duskwood (18-30), Darkshire.

Fly/ride to Redridge Mountains (15-25), Lakeshire.

Fly back to Darkshire, then ride to Stranglethorn Vale (30-45), Booty Bay (or fly directly if you can).

Take the boat to The Barrens (10-25), Ratchet, then back again.

Fly to Stormwind, then take the tram to Ironforge, The Commons.

Ride to Dun Morogh (1-10), KharanosYou can do [The Saviour of Hallow's End] here if the Headless Horseman is about!

Ride to Loch Modan (10-20), Thelsamar, or ride back to Ironforge and fly to Thelsamar.

Fly/ride to Wetlands (20-30), Menethil Harbor.

Fly/ride through Wetlands and Arathi Highlands (30-40) to Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30), Southshore. If you are able to water walk you may prefer to ride over the water to Southshore directly.

While in Southshore, pick up the quests for [Rotten Hallow] from Sergeant Hartman. One of the quests is done in Southshore, but the other involves a trip to the eastern side of the Undercity, outside the ruins.  The giant wickerman is protected by a few PvP guards, you can't miss it.

Fly/ride through the pass behind Durnholde Keep to Hinterlands (45-50), Aerie Peak.

Fly/ride through the pass to Western Plaguelands and on to Eastern Plaguelands (53-60), Light's Hope Chapel.

Fly back to Menethil Harbor, then take the ship to Auberdine but don't pick up the bucket yet, take another ship to Exodar, Seat of the Naaru.

Fly/ride to Azuremist Isle (1-10), Azure WatchYou can do [The Saviour of Hallow's End] here if the Headless Horseman is about!

Fly/ride to Bloodmist Isle (10-20), Blood Watch.

Fly back to Exodar, take the boat back to Auberdine, then another boat to Darnassus, Craftsman's Terrace.

Ride to Teldrassil (1-10), Dolanaar.

Ride back to Darnassus, take the boat to Darkshore (10-20), Auberdine.

Fly/ride to Ashenvale (18-30), Astranaar.

You can ride through the Talondeep Path to Stonetalon Mountains (15-27), Stonetalon Peak if you are high enough level to get past the mobs at either end. Otherwise you'll have to ride the long way via the Barrens, or you could just fly directly, if you are able.

Fly/ride to Desolace (30-40), Nigel's Point.

Fly/run south through Desolace to Feralas (40-50), Feathermoon Stronghold.

Fly back to Astranaar, then ride through Felwood (48-55) and through the Timbermaw Hold to Winterspring (53-60), Everlook (or fly directly). If riding, getting through Timbermaw Hold will involve some corpse-running for lowbies.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Fly to Auberdine, then take a ship to Stormwind then another one to Theramore Isle.  Alternatively you can just fly directly to Theramore.

Fly/ride to Dustwallow Marsh (35-45), Mudsprocket.

Fly/ride through the Barrens and Thousand Needles to Tanaris (40-50), Gadgetzan.

Fly/ride to Silithus (55-60), Cenarion Hold.  If riding, drop in at Marshal's Refuge in Un'goro Crater (48-55) to pick up the flight point.

And that's the end!

If you're high enough level, you might like to continue to take care of [Tricks and Treats of Outland].

Best of luck!
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