Wednesday 20 October 2010

Hallow's End 2010 - Tricks and Treats for Hordies

Hallow's End is upon us!

This is one of my favourite holidays in the game, what with the Headless Horseman haunting Scarlet Monastery and throwing pumpkin heads at each other, plus the chance to get The Hallowed title if you didn't already have it.

Of course the reason the Horde have for celebration is the Forksaken breaking away from the Scourge, but the nations of the Alliance have been celebrating Hallow's End for much longer, and so they get to join in the fun as well.

Most of the achievements associated with Hallow's End are fairly straightforward, but the most time consuming is the tour of the Candy Buckets. Most of the inns across Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands and Northrend have Candy Buckets in them, which reward handfuls of candy.

The Candy Buckets also reward some very nice experience for those still leveling, and hard coin for those at level 80, so the tour really is worth doing. You don't even have to rush it, because Hallow's End runs until October 31st!

Not only are the rewards worth it, but it is a great opportunity for a last look over these zones before Deathwing rises and blasts most of them into little pieces.

I've made a list of the locations of the Horde buckets, and arranged them roughly in an efficient order. These lists have been done before in a few places, but they are mostly aimed at level 70s or 80s who already have all the flight points. I've tried to make it lowbie-friendly, by including the level range for each zone.  You might like to risk running through high-level areas, or if you're short on time or on a PvP server, skip them.

Don't forget, once an hour you can Trick or Treat an innkeeper for a chance to receive items for other achievements like the wands, masks or tooth picks! Just talk to the innkeeper and the Trick or Treat option should be there.

Small disclaimer:  This may or may not be the most efficient route - if you can suggest an improvement please let me know!

For each instruction, take a taxi if you are able. Otherwise, you'll have to ride! Don't forget to pick up flight points along the way if you don't have them!

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Horde Candy Bucket Tour

Start in Orgrimmar, Valley of Strength.

Ride to Durotar (1-10), Razor Hill. You can do [The Saviour of Hallow's End] here if the Headless Horseman is about!

Ride to The Barrens (10-25), Crossroads.

Fly/Ride to The Barrens, Ratchet.

Fly to Crossroads then ride to The Barrens, Camp Taurajo (or just fly directly).

Ride to Mulgore (1-10), Bloodhoof Village.

Ride to Thunder Bluff, Lower Rise.

Fly to Camp Taurajo then ride to Dustwallow Marsh (35-45), Brackenwall Village (or just fly directly).

Fly/ride to Dustwallow Marsh, Mudsprocket.

Fly to Camp Taurajo then ride to Thousand Needles (25-35), Freewind Post (or just fly directly).

Fly/ride to Tanaris (40-50), Gadgetzan.

Fly/ride to Silithus (55-60), Cenarion Hold.  If riding, drop in at Marshal's Refuge in Un'goro Crater (48-55) to pick up the flight point.

Fly to Freewind Post, then ride to Feralas (40-50), Camp Mojache (or fly directly).

Fly/ride to Desolace (30-40), Shadowprey Village.

Fly/ride to Stonetalon Mountains (15-27), Sun Rock Retreat.

Fly to Crossroads then ride to Ashenvale (18-30), Splintertree Post (or fly directly).

Ride through Felwood (48-55) and through the Timbermaw Hold to Winterspring (53-60), Everlook (or fly directly). If riding, getting through Timbermaw Hold will involve some corpse-running for lowbies.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Fly to Orgrimmar, then take the zeppelin to Undercity.  Don't go into the city yet - ride to Tirisfal Glades (1-10), Brill first. You can do [The Saviour of Hallow's End] here if the Headless Horseman is about!

On your way back to the Undercity, swing around to the west to pick up the quests for the [Rotten Hallow] achievement from Darkcaller Yanka.

Ride back to Undercity, but don't go into the city again - use the teleportation orb in the Ruins to go to Silvermoon City.

There are two buckets in Silvermoon.  The first is in the Royal Exchange, and the second is on the west side of the city in the Bazaar. Look for buildings with curtains in the doorways.

Leave the city and ride to the east, to Eversong Woods (1-10), Falconwing Square. You can do [The Saviour of Hallow's End] here if the Headless Horseman is about!

Ride south to Eversong Woods, Fairbreeze Village.

Either ride back to the flight point outside Silvermoon and fly, or just ride to Ghostlands (10-20), Tranquillien.

Next is Eastern Plaguelands (53-60), Light's Hope Chapel. The easiest way is to fly directly from Ghostlands, but if you can't do that you can either ride into EPL from Ghostlands, or fly to Undercity and ride there through Western Plaguelands. If you're not high enough level to beat your way through, it's really worth skipping this one.

Fly to Undercity, Trade Quarter.

Fly/ride to Silverpine Forest (10-20), The Sepulcher (or fly directly).

Fly/ride to Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30), Tarren Mill. Don't forget to visit Southshore to do the quests for [Rotten Hallow].

Fly/ride via the pass behind Durnholde Keep to the Hinterlands (45-50), Revantusk Village.

Fly back to Tarren Mill, then ride to Arathi Highlands (30-40), Hammerfall (or fly directly).

Next is Badlands (35-45), Kargath. If you can't fly there, this involves a long run south through Wetlands (20-30) and Loch Modan (10-20) and across to the other side of Badlands.

From here, if you already have the flight point to Stonard, you can fly there directly, followed by Grom'gol Base Camp and Booty Bay. If not, you'll have to take the long way.

Fly to Undercity, take a zeppelin to Orgrimmar, then take the other zeppelin to Stranglethorn Vale (30-45), Grom'gol Base Camp.

Fly/ride to Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay.

Fly to Grom'gol then ride through Duskwood (18-30) and Deadwind Pass to Swamp of Sorrows (35-45), Stonard.

And that's the end of the story!

If you're high enough level, you might like to continue to take care of [Tricks and Treats of Outland].

Best of luck!

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