Friday, 1 October 2010

Reader Roundup: September

After a no-news lull, the blogosphere has been awash with information and speculation this last couple of weeks.

Something is stirring, that's for sure.  The Cataclysm is coming.

First there was the November 2 unofficial prediction on MMO-Champion, which was then pushed into December.  Then there's this interesting observation noticed by a commenter on WowInsider but brought to our attention by Wowhead. Can it be? Is December 7 the planned release date?

Either way, patch 4.0.1 is still being tested and will probably drop very soon - MMO-Champion predicts October 5 or 12, which is this coming week or the next!

The main thing that this means, of course, is that we have very little time to spend as Trees before they are taken away as a permanent form :(

The other changes we can expect have been reported on by some very organised people.  Thank you so much to these bloggers, for all their hard work!
  • For Resto Druids, Keeva has the information we need to know once the patch hits. Her 4.0 Guide is very thorough and well worth studying if you're planning on healing.

  • For Balance, Sunfyre has put together a list of information about Rotation, Glyphs, Tips and Tricks.

  • For Ferals, WowInsider has a rundown of what to expect in 4.0.1.

  • Generally speaking, Icedragon has covered the major things that will be different when the patch hits. It's a slightly older post but still covers the relevant changes.

  • One more thing to be aware of:  The bonuses for wearing leather gear will kick in with this patch!  This will give us +5% Intellect if we're wearing all leather pieces (and 5% Agility in Cat form, 5% Stamina in Bear Form). Don't forget that after the patch, Spell Power comes from Int so this bonus is nothing to be sneezed at! Have a think about any cloth pieces you might be wearing - can you replace them with leather before the patch drops? (Thanks to Sunfyre for reminding us)

There is also going to be a Druid Round Table at Raid Warning Podcast this weekend, featuring many well-known Druid bloggers. No, I wasn't invited, but my lil blog is hardly well-known ;)  Keeva, Lissanna and Qieth at least (I'm sure there are more attending!), have asked for people to submit questions for discussion.

In completely unrelated news, the nice people over at Nourish! blog have featured Vidyala's Cinnamon Cookies recipe on their blog today! Thanks guys! 

If anyone has any more patch 4.0.1 Druid or general gameplay resources that I haven't linked here, please comment and let me know!
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