Monday, 4 October 2010

Your Favourite Place

So... the time is approaching.  The Cataclysm, they say, is coming.

Most of Azeroth as we know it will be changed. Quite a few people have already documented the zones through screenshots, but where is it in the old world that is your favourite place to quest, to explore or just to spend time in?

I'm going away next week, so I'd love it if, over the next few days, you'd go out and take a screenie or two of your favourite place and email them to me! I'll schedule them to post during next week. If you could get them to me by this Friday night (Oct 8th) my time I'd appreciate it - I won't have much access to the interwebs while on the road apart from my phone, which isn't much good at blogging.

I don't mind what format, how many or how big the images are when you send them.  I can't do video though - sorry! If you send a full-size shot, I may well add it to my Gallery page - it depends on how many I get!

For inspiration or tips, you might like to visit my Tips for Screenshots post.

I'm really looking forward to hearing about your favourite places! Thanks in advance :)
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