Saturday, 25 September 2010


Brewfest is upon us again! It's time once again for the citizens of Azeroth to eat, drink and whip rams.

This year was slightly different for me in that it was the first time I took part as a member of the Horde.

Now I don't want to sound disloyal but... I have to agree with Windpaw that Brewfest is better suited to the Dwarves.

For one thing, Durotar is hot and red. As much as I like a cold beer on a hot day, how on earth are they keeping all that beer, cheese and sausages cold? It's a disaster waiting to happen - do they really think the three port-a-loos are going to cope with the backlash?

Also, the festival is run by Goblins, whom I automatically suspect of ripping everyone off. A half-hour of listening to Goblins' drunken cackling and I was desperate to be out of there!

In any case, it's a silly festival but a lot of fun. This one doesn't seem to involve any lore at all - simply people having a good time.

There are number of quests around the site outside Orgrimmar or Ironforge that reward you with [Brewfest Prize Token]. You need 200 [Brewfest Prize Token] to join the [Brew of the Month] club, and only 5 to buy some hops for [Have Keg, Will Travel] - the only things you need to buy with tokens in order to get the Brewmaster title. There are plenty of other things to spend tokens on as well, including a pet - [Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm] for 100 tokens.

The remaining achievements required for the [Brewmaster] meta-achievement are pretty self-explanatory - no tricks.  Rades even has a neat guide for how to do Coren Direbrew at level 47, so you don't even have to be high level anymore to get this one.

Apart from the one-off quests that give tokens as a reward, there are three daily quests that will help you save up tokens. It took me a little while to work out where they are, but they are all around the Festival site.
  • Barking quest - This is available from one of the two beer-vending stands, depending on who you did the original quest with (Cort Gorestein/Ja'ron for Horde or Daran Thunderbrew/Becan Barleybrew for Alliance). Requires you to ride around the areas of Orgrimmar or Ironforge on a ram.
  • [This One Time, When I Was Drunk...] - Every half hour, the Brewfest is attacked by the Dark Iron Dwarves, tunneling up in their mole machines.  To defeat them, run to one of the tables around the festival area and pick up a [Complimentary Brewfest Sampler], then find it in your bags and drink it!  You'll drain the drink and chuck the mug at the nearest Dark Iron Dwarf.  You don't need to target the dwarves first.  Once the Dark Irons are defeated, they'll retreat and leave behind a big cog on the ground, which gives you the daily quest, but if there aren't enough people defending the Brewfest, the Dark Irons will get away with the booze and there will be no cog!
  • More keg delivery - This isn't an actual quest, but if you go to the Ram Racing Apprentice and ask for another set of reins, the Ram Racing Master will have some more work for you to do. This will earn you two Tokens for each keg delivered within the time limit - keep going until you run out of time.  You can go flat out at a full gallop, as long as you ride past the conveniently placed apple barrels to refresh your ram. Who says no-one's thinking of the rams around here!

Brewfest runs until October 6th so there's plenty of time to get all the items you're after.  Hopefully I'll be seeing a Kodo or a Ram drop from Coren Direbrew sometime before then... 

Good luck, and cheers!

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