Thursday, 23 September 2010

On Information Overload

There have been quite a few bloggers and twitterers around the place recently who have posted about being fed up. Fed up with people complaining about changes, about Blizzard's reaction to feedback, about the fact that EVERYONE seems to be talking about what's coming and they wish it would just hurry up and get here, already.

I have stuck to my goal of not posting about coming changes and I'm not about to start either, at least until Patch 4.0 is released and things actually start to change.  To be honest, I've been focused on things going on in the live game and not giving much thought to how soon changes are coming, but they are coming, and probably in a matter of weeks. I think it's time to start looking around to be prepared for what is now more likely to be coming.

If you are a Resto Druid, I recommend following the commentary of Lissanna at Restokin and Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket. Things aren't looking as terrifyingly different for Trees as they have been, but there will be a learning curve once 4.0 kicks in.

For Moonkin, Graylo has been discussing changes in each build.  Other providers of information (apart from Restokin who of course discusses Moonkin as well) include Qieth and Sunfyre.  There is plenty of discussion of the Beta changes on the Moonkin Repository Forums as well.

Edit: In other preparations for patch 4.0, Rades has suggested below to check out Marcko's post about spending your excess Emblems on heirloom gear now, as they will cost rather more once the conversion to Points happens.

If you're interested in seeing how many Points you'll pick up when your Emblems and Marks are converted, MMO-Champion has a handy calculator.

So there you have it - a bunch of links to information without actually providing any information myself. I'm a Pro.

PS. Yes, it's ball-point pen on a post-it.  What?
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