Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Progress Post: Kingslayer

It's been a week now since we took down Mister Lich King for the first time (or as one of my guildies likes to call him, "Fat legs").

I am pretty sure that the absolute joy at getting this fight down wasn't just me - the previous week we had been struggling to get into the second phase, two of our long-standing guildies had left and things were looking uncertain. Then we called in an old guildy who had done the fight to help us out with our strategy. Suddenly, things clicked into place, and we were getting into the rhythm of the fight. This did wonders to boost our flagging morale, and the next  night of attempts, the King was slain.

Honestly, for those who are still working on normal - if you can get through the second phase with Val'kyrs and Defile worked out, you've got it covered.

Two of our guildies who were on breaks came back to us as well, so we're (hopefully) back to a full team.  Tonight sees us starting off on hard modes, with an immediate goal of getting LK down again to get titles for everyone. Wish us luck!

Personally, I was extremely satisfied with the way things turned out.  Killing the Lich King was my main goal for this expansion, as I got Leesah to level 80, chose a guild to join and helped to push through progression. Of course I'd love to give him a go on heroic as well, but that's not so important as completing the storyline, in my opinion. Now that goal is reached, everything else is a bonus!

I'd like to extend my congratulations to all the other guilds who have completed ICC in the last couple of weeks, either on Normal or Heroic!  For those still working at it, I wish you the very best of luck.

Then there was dancing:

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