Monday, 27 September 2010

Emoting for Fun and Profit

The other day, Keeva wrote a post about her petty wishes for WoW:
Ever stop suddenly while you’re playing and think, “I really wish we could (insert trivial change here)”?
She goes on to list a number of things that she thinks would be nice to have in the game, and many people have added theirs in the comments.

I agree, many of these things would be great additions to the game, but there is one thing that I've been wishing for for a while now - more emotes.

Emotes are those commands like /laugh, /dance, /sigh that you are able to use to convey emotion.  Some have animations and sounds associated with them, others are only text-based. I love emotes - I think they make an otherwise static and un-emotional character model come alive.  It takes a bit of imagination for non-animated ones, but emotes are there to help us convey emotion.

There are currently about 250 emote commands in the game. You can see a full list of them here at wowwiki.

Why do I think there should be more of them? Many moons ago, I played a text-based game called Discworld MUD. At present, there are currently 635 Soul Commands (emotes) available to use in the MUD.

Old habits die hard!  I still find myself trying to /peer at someone or /ruffle their hair. Many's the time I've wanted to /stroke ("Angelya strokes her chin thoughtfully.").

And the greatest and arguably extremely useful /yulil:  "Angelya strangles X's pet violently, while screaming: Why you little..."

The other thing that makes Discworld's soul commands extra awesome is the ability to add arguments. For example, you could just smile at someone.  But you could also smile deviously, smile insolently, smile seductively, and so on for many permutations.

Arguments are used for almost every soul command, including one that I think Krizzlybear might approve of: timewarp.
You do the Time Warp.
Angelya does the Time Warp.

For the arguments:
[again, with a jump to the left, with a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, with your knees in tight, with a pelvic thrust, in tap shoes, with a red feather boa, with an axe, in a freezer, in an elevator, on the table, in the floorshow in a strange house, in the middle of the night, in a late-night double feature picture show, in the velvet darkness of the blackest night, in another dimension, with voyeuristic intention, by the light of the night, #]
Yes I know, I could easily use /e to create my own emotes and even create macros if I really wanted to.  But I'm lazy ;)

Is there an emote you'd like to see added to WoW?  Which do you think deserves an animation of its own?
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