Thursday, 9 September 2010

You got some BIG mojo!

Zalazane's Fall is the efforts of the Darkspear Tribe to take back the Echo Isles, off the coast of Durotar.  I took Leesah along to help out with the assault - and it was awesome! Battles with the zombie trolls, help from Bwonsamdi and taking down Zalazane himself - It was like the Battle for the Undercity but on a really small scale.

Angelya (the Human Priest) went along to help out with the Operation Gnomeregan. On the whole I felt a little bit lost - there was no clear direction as to what to do next as there was with the Echo Isles, but for overall hilarity and delight, the Gnomes win hands-down.  I won't spoil it for those who haven't done it yet, but I was cackling with laughter at a couple of points. The ending was a slight anti-climax I thought. I mean, is that it?  Are we going to be sent back in there at some time in the future to finish the job?

Both events were nice for a change, but I was a little disappointed that they were both complete so quickly.  Considering how little information has been released about the events, perhaps there is going to be more coming soon - I hope so because the potential for awesome storytelling is there!  I haven't heard any announcement as to how long the events will run for - possibly until patch 4.0, unless there are more phases to be released before then.  Anyone have any more information?
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