Sunday, 19 September 2010

Harvest Festival Bake-off: The Winner!

The Harvest Festival is upon us and the Bake-off entries have been reviewed. The judging has been very difficult, as I'm sure Anea and Deyndor would agree, but we can now reveal that the winner is:

"Some of you non-mages, without access to a good mage… you’re going hungry. My heart goes out to you. I have devised a clever way for you to enjoy something very akin to true mage delights. They aren’t conjured. But they’re the next best thing."
Vidyala has put together not only a delicious and fairly easy-sounding recipe using Azerothian ingredients, but also illustrated her mage, Millya, creating her recipe!

Special Commendations 
Beruthiel's Granny Smith's Shattrath Surprise
An Azerothian version of her Mom's Apple Crisp - always a winner for entertaining.

Liala's Alterac Breakfast Strata
Very funny and also delicious-sounding breakfast to "get your blood pumping and bloodlust racing."

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  I really do recommend going to have a look at each recipe, they all sound so delicious.

Not all the entries were submitted as blog posts - some were sent in by email.  Over the next few days I'll post up those recipes from Nienna and Rezznul, but here's a list of the other blogpost entries.

Ali's Squashling and Sweet Potato Soup
An autumnal classic to warm you northerners up in the cooler weather.

Anexxia's Dalaran 7-Layer Brownies
Completely delicious-sounding brownies, complete with yeti milk for extra creamy flavour.

Heston Blumentroll's Perfect Steak (by Hugh)
A perfect steak turns kind of controversial in Azeroth... I guess Hugh didn't know that Ang's main is a Tauren ;) Still very funny!

Kamalia's Westfall Stew
A least favourite quest with weird ingredients is turned into something that actually sounds quite tasty!

Keeva's Gourmet Fish Feast
Keeva brings the fishies to this raid.

Pewter's Stormwind Brie, Darnassian Bleu and Zangar Cap Fondue
Very funny and with delicious sounding ingredients, Pewter's recipe sounds just perfect for a dinner party!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks again for all the entries! Also special thanks to my very helpful fellow judges, Deyndor and Anea for helping with the difficult task of reading and drooling over all these awesome recipes.

Edit: One more special mention to the nice folks at MMO Melting Pot who kindly featured the competition and even put up a reminder for me - you guys are awesome, thanks!
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