Friday, 17 September 2010

Victory in Icecrown

Balindah's breath came out in puffs of steam in the chilly Icecrown air as she panted up the steep hill, slipping slightly on the icy surface. She looked back behind her at the tents and arena of the Argent Tournament.

The herald had told her that less people came to try their skill at the Tournament these days. Now that Lord Tirion had his armies assaulting the Citadel, the purpose of the Tournament was over but there was still enough work around in clearing up the Scourge to keep Balindah busy in her off days from training.

She headed over the crest of the hill, bracing herself as an icy blast of wind blasted in from the west. To the southwest through the mists she could just about make out the silhouette of the Citadel, pointing up into the snowy sky like an icicle. She shivered as she thought of the heroes battling through the place, momentarily glad that she wasn't quite at the level of training to be sent in.


Leesah gasped as a wave of dark energy swept over the group, gesturing with her branches to calm the pain in her chest to a dull ache. She quickly scrambled to one side on the icy platform as someone screamed out to look out for the expanding circle of darkness heading her way.

The group of heroes backed into the middle of the platform as another Val'kyr began to hover above, ready to pounce on someone and drag them to their deaths.


Balindah eyed the Frostblood Whelp warily as she got a little closer. She was just about in range to fire off a jet of flame when she stepped on a loose rock under the snow.  She gasped as a small avalanche was dislodged and tumbled down the slope near to the waiting enemy.  A half dozen whelps and undead Vrykul looked up, saw her and started to head towards her purposefully.  Balindah gritted her teeth and hefted her axe and fist weapon, ready for the charge.


The Vile Spirits circled overhead. The Lich King roared a challenge and began to suck Taintedscar's soul into Frostmourne. Leesah ducked away as a spirit dive-bombed near her.  She frantically tried to heal Tainted but soon he was beyond her help. She swallowed her panic at losing her fellow healer and directed her attention to trying to keep Razorleaf alive as the Lich King rained down blows on him.

Someone screamed behind her as more Vile Spirits dived - the group was starting to fall. Leesah threw around as much healing as she could and tried to innervate herself to regain some energy.

Just as another spirit dived and two more heroes lost their battle, the Lich King uttered a mighty cry and suddenly, everyone was dead.


Balindah tried to focus her blows on one of her attackers but more and more were hitting her from behind.  She frantically tried to heal herself but the blows were coming more quickly than she could cast.  She roared a challenge as she fired off another fire nova, and waited for the end.

Suddenly, with an odd gurgling cry, the Scourge threw back their heads and screamed.  Blue energy shot upwards out of each of them then fled south towards the Citadel.  The Scourge, bereft of their animating life-force, fell to the ground in a pile of bodies around her.

Balindah looked around in open-mouthed panic.  All along this valley, the Scourge were falling to the ground, their energy fleeing south.

Then, silence fell.

Balindah staggered back from the mess of bodies and uttered a quick healing spell.  The Scourge... they were defeated?  She looked away to the south, but the Citadel was once again shrouded in mist.  A deathly stillness lay over Icecrown. Even the icy wind seemed to have abated for a moment.


Tirion Fordragon walked slowly down the icy stairs and came to stand by the body of the fallen Arthas Menethil. Bolvar Fordragon sat, encased in ice on the Frozen Throne itself.

Leesah looked up at the paladin from where she had fallen to the platform in exhaustion. One of her comrades offered her a hand to stand up, and she smiled weakly when he said, "So, it's all over."

She nodded, wondering at herself for being so calm.  She was sure the shock would catch up with her soon enough.

"I think," she said as she looked down at the fallen king, "I'd like to go home now."


Congratulations, Disciples of Sneer! It was a hard battle but great teamwork paid off. Bring on Heroic!
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