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Balance Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the Balance Cheat Sheet!  This page is designed as a quick reference for Druids to easily find information relating to the Balance spec.

As with my Restoration Cheat Sheet, I've tried to distill as much information about being a Balance Druid from several places into one post.  At the moment it is aimed at 80+ druids, and new-ish 85s.  You can find links to more Moonkin resources at the bottom of the post.

I know there are already plenty of guides like this out there and it wasn't meant to copy or replace them, but as a Druid blog I feel R&R should help with making the information available, and the more the info is out there, the easier it is to find.

If you can suggest any improvements to the information I have here, please let me know!

Information is current as of patch 4.1 and was last updated on 27/4/11.

Please don't take any of it as gospel - I recommend reading the other guides listed at the end of this post to keep up to date on the latest information. 

The most popular spec at the moment according to is 33/0/8.

Elitist Jerks recommends something like 31/0/6, which has four extra points to be placed wherever they are useful. If mana is an issue, take Furor over Moonglow. 

Patch 4.0.1 introduced a new glyph system, consisting of three types: Prime, Major and Minor Glyphs. The Glyphs are now learned, so they can be swapped between fights.

Prime Glyphs to choose from include:

The top three are Insect Swarm, Moonfire and Wrath. Swap in Starsurge if there are multiple targets to be hit with Starfall.

Major Glyphs: There are many that may be situationally useful, but [Glyph of Starfall] is definitely a dps increase.  None of the others stand out as being particularly useful, but you have [Glyph of Rebirth], [Glyph of Innervate], [Glyph of Thorns], [Glyph of Focus] or even [Glyph of Hurricane] to choose from. 

Minor Glyphs: Personal preference. [Glyph of the Wild] could save you mana while buffing and [Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth] saves you a bag space. You just never know when [Glyph of Aquatic Form] might come in handy... I guess.

Hit Cap
Hit Chance of +17%, or Hit Rating of 446.  Hit Chance can now be seen on the Character screen, with our other Spell stats.

Moonkins now get Hit rating from both Hit and Spirit on gear. If you find that you're way over Hit cap, try reforging or swapping Hit/Spirit pieces for Haste or Crit.

Intellect > Hit rating = Spirit (to cap) > Haste rating > Crit rating > Mastery.

To translate, Spellpower now comes from Intellect so it is our most important stat. 

Stack Hit until you're capped, but remember that Spirit also gives Hit Rating with the Balance of Power talent and also gives us mana regen. 

Haste is more important now as it now affects DoTs, so stack as much as you are able. Eclipse is no longer dependent on Crit, so Haste takes priority.

Mastery is the new stat for Cataclysm.  Moonkin mastery is Total Eclipse.  

In your meta socket use [Burning Shadowspirit Diamond]

Use [Brilliant Inferno Ruby] in red sockets and wherever the bonus is worse than 20 Int. In other yellow or blue sockets, use [Reckless Ember Topaz] or [Purified Demonseye].


What Spells Should I Use?
The Elitist Jerks Moonkin thread also has a more complex discussion of rotations but is summarised well:

  • Start by applying Insect Swarm and Moonfire, and casting Starsurge. Whenever either DoT falls off the target, or Starsurge comes off cooldown, recast it.
  • Cast Starfire until until a Solar (Wrath) Eclipse procs, then switch to Wrath. Cast Wrath until a Lunar (Starfire) Eclipse procs, then switch back to Starfire.
  • Repeat this Eclipse cycle, always keeping your two DoT's on the target and using Starsurge, Starfall and Force of Nature on cooldown.


Further Moonkin Resources
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