Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fireworks are in the Air?

So I was all set for today's post to be a Progress Post for level 80, but as I logged on last night to finish off with a few quests in Icecrown, there was some emergency maintanence and the server was shutting down in 5 minutes.  GJ Blizzard, cheers for that.

So anyway, yesterday I said to enjoy the last few days of Love is in the Air.  In fact, it's not finishing until Feb 20th, which means that for the next week, it's definately festival season as we have the Lunar Festival starting today (Sunday) as well, and running until March 7!

Usually the Lunar Festival would be before Love is in the Air, but with Chinese New Year being so late this year, they are overlapping a bit.  Never mind, more festival fun, and just in time for Leesah to ding 80!

At Lunar Festival time, we honour our elders.  This means running all over Azeroth, which nets you the title "Elder" once you have completed the meta-achievement.

I'm not going to make a guide because the Overachiever one is very comprehensive, so go check it out.  I am sure that a blogger last year wrote a great guide listing the optimal route to visitng all the elders, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was, or find the post.  If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

In the meantime, enjoy both festivals.  I know I am :)

Edit:  The Lunar Festival Elders page contains precise locations, maps and a walkthrough for each faction.  In fact the only thing they don't provide is a service to run your character around for you.  So no excuses!  Honour your Elders today!

Further Edit:  To make things even easier for everyone, there is now a version of Tour Guide that will take you around the Elders.  Thanks to Rakhman at Flame Shock for linking it!
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