Friday, 12 February 2010

Reader Roundup - February 12

Time for another Reader Roundup, where I slack off and tell you about stuff that I enjoyed reading recently.  It is Friday after all!

First, two posts involving Lore, because we all like a bit of a story now and then.

Richard Powell, who is also behind LoreCrafted, wrote this guest post on last week about whether Arthas is redeemable.  Not whether he is redeemed, but whether, after all the terrible things he's done, whether he deserves to be redeemed.  He's not the nice prince you thought he was! A well thought-out argument and very well presented.

Related to the Arthas story, is this post from Vas at Daily Quests - The Lost and the Forgotten.  It is a detailed re-telling of the events after the Lich King's demise, so if you don't want to see spoilers, do not click the link. If you don't mind, then go read, it is an awesome story.

For something completely different but still educational, Anna of Too Many Annas wrote about Healing your first instance.  If you're still going through the under-confident-healer stage like me, this post helps with making things easier for yourself to ease into the role.

Thinking of starting to write a blog?  Anea compiled this list of advice for new bloggers. Very useful advice - I'm a complete noob at this still so I enjoyed reading this and working out what I need to improve around here.

Wulfy on the Barrens Chat wrote about how when Cataclysm comes, the Horde need a Hero to prevent Garrosh from taking over and declaring all-out war on the Alliance.  Read about how Varok Saurfang is our only hope!

In the cute news of the week (I feel a new column coming on), the Blizzard pet store will soon be offering new in-game pets, but this time they come with a real life plushie as well!  The Wind Rider Cub and the Gryphon Hatchling look totally adorable - I can't wait to see them in-game :)  I will most likely not be shelling out real cash for one for myself, but, y'know, if someone wanted to buy me a present, I would be totally ok with that :)

And of course, don't forget to keep your eye open over the weekend for comments around the blogosphere for the Secret Admirer project!  And enjoy the last few days of Love is in the Air, before the Lunar Festival begins on Monday!
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