Monday, 15 February 2010

Secret Admiration Revealed

So the Secret Admirer event has come to a close, and I can now reveal that the subject of my admiration has been...

Tamarind from Righteous Orbs!

Tam said in his original post that "some poor bugger who would never in a million years want to read my blog is having to endure my dreadful, not especially subtle doggerel for three solid days."  Au contraire!  I have been a reader and fan of Righteous Orbs for quite a while now, long before Tam won his well-deserved award from Larísa and friends.

Tamarind and Chastity have a brilliant blog that makes me laugh out loud at work frequently, or sit in quiet contemplation of the more thoughtful posts.  Thank you, guys, for making such a great contribution to our WoW community :D

Tam and Chas are blessed with a readership who comment like it's going out of fashion, so if you're looking for my secret admirer posts, you can find two on this post about Kumquat and one on Chas' post about Circular Game Design (sorry for hijacking your post there ;)

I'd like to thank Lissanna from Restokin for charming me with fellow druid-admiration over the last few days.  I had guessed before it was revealed - there were only a few druids in the list after all!  The feeling is mutual, I am not worthy! :D

Further thanks are due to Dristanel from The Physician's Log for arranging the whole Secret Admirer event- I had a great time writing and reading other's comments and the chatter on twitter was priceless!  Don't forget to check the Big Reveal post to see the full list of Admirers and Admirees!

Now I'm going afk to find a place to hide from Tam's other perhaps not so secret admirer...

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