Tuesday, 2 February 2010

State of my UI: pre-80

I've written a few posts about addons that I'm using but I realised I haven't posted about how I've set up my UI.  It's unlikely, but I might be using an addon that you've not tried before, so in the spirit of sharing, here's what it looks like out of combat:

Visible in the out-of-combat image are:
  • Bartender 4 action bars.  2 bars, the bag bar and the stance bar.  Oh, and the menu bar.
  • QBar - contains quest items for easy access.
  • Pitbull 4 unit frames - in this case just me.
  • Chinchilla minimap - moves the map, makes it square and puts a nice border on.
  • Prat 3.0 - chat window - adds timestamp, makes sticky channels, colours by class and other useful stuff.  My chat window is on the left and my combat log on the right.
  • Quartz cast bar - shows red latency in the castbar and also buff/debuff timers.
  • Decursive - the tiny box to the left of my unit frame is decursive.  Allows for easy removal of poisons, curses, diseases and magical debuffs, if you have the spells to remove them.
  • Elkano's Buff Bars - top right corner.  I find it easier to recognise buffs by their names.
  • FuBar - at the top of the screen, including MoneyFu, PerformanceFu, DurabilityFu, ProfessionsFu, GarbageFu, ExperienceFu, FriendsFu (I have no friends yet /cry), GuildFu (no guild either :( ), BagFu and ClockFu.  Phew!
 Next, the combat view:

Extra addons visible in the combat view:
  • Omen - threat meter - still useful, especially in pre-80 instances when you may have a tank of lower level than you.
  • Mik Scrolling Battle Text - shows the big damage and healing numbers.  Well, biggish. 
  • Power Auras Classic - the circle around my character is the power aura telling me Eclipse is up and I should be casting Starfire.  More on PowA in this post.
You can see Pitbull in action with the additional unit frames for my Target and the Party members.  The Target's target shows in a small box above the Target frame.

Addons you can't see in the images:
  • Clique - binds spells to click+ctrl/alt/shift combos
  • Cartographer 3 - Google-looking-maps for Azeroth
  • Auctioneer - for money making goodness
  • Skillet - trade skill window that makes crafting soooo much easier.
  • LilSparky's Workshop - combines with Skillet and Auctioneer to show you how much items cost to craft and what they are worth to sell
  • Ratingbuster - Is that item an upgrade for me?  Ratingbuster gives info in the tooltip to help you decide.
  • Tourguide + Tomtom - you can actually see the tourguide box in the images - if you are leveling, this combination is better than Questhelper in every way.
  • Bagnon - shows all bags as one bag, and all bags in the bank as one back also.
  • Cowtip + Tipsy - customisable placement and appearance of tooltips.
  • Atlas + AtlasLoot Enhanced - maps for instances and a database of loot.  This also includes crafted and badge items.
Oh my goodness, that's a lot.   Once I reach level 80 and start healing, my setup will most likely change.  I still haven't decided what setup to use for healing.  At the moment I'm just using Clique and mousing over my Pitbull frames but I've heard good things about Vudho so I might try it out.  I've used Healbot in the past and it was also good so I may go back to it.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, healing setups or questions, please feel free to comment :)
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