Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Healing is hard, m'kay?

Last night I logged on my newly 80 Leesah with a plan in mind:
  • Wyrmrest daily
  • Tournament dailies
  • Random normal
  • Sort my inscription
After I did,in fact, sort my inscription (now sitting at 390, woo), I decided to cut to the chase and joined LFD.

It was ToC, which is fine, I've been there before, I've even healed it before on my old Druid, no worries. How wrong I was. The first part was fine, the Champions were a pushover.

Then out came the Confessor and started fearing and smiting everyone. I didn't even see what memory she conjured, I was clicking away at grid like the whack-a-mole of legend.  It didn't help that we had a DK tank, who tend to take more damage than the other tanking classes.

We wiped twice before I apologised and dropped group, tail between my legs. I stood in Dalaran and wallowed in self-deprecating misery for a few minutes, until I snapped myself out of it. The pep-talk in my head went something like this:

"Ang, you should not feel bad about this. You only dinged yesterday, you're still in questing greens for Chrissake.  ToC is hard! It was hard the first time on your other Druid and she was in full epics! (okay that was heroic but that's beside the point) One purple does not a healer make!"

So, I queued again, and kicked the arse of the Culling of Stratholme. I felt much better after that.

It occurred to me then that I could do a heroic as Balance. It's a bit less group-breaking having a low-dps Boomkek than a fail-healer. So I queued for a random heroic and crossed my fingers.

I was a little "uh oh" when the loading screen for Oculus came up, but it was fine! No-one dropped group which was the main thing that was worrying me, and we scooted through it with no problems at all. I managed to do not great, but not terrible dps on the movement-intensive first two bosses, I think about 2500 (although Gevlon might still have kicked me), and managed to pick up Cuffs of Winged Levitation at the end through pure greed-luck! I had also forgotten that Blizz not only nerfed the place, but added extra rewards as well. Hello extra emblems!

So the first heroic Leesah did was Oculus.  Do I get some special award from Blizzard for that? ;)

I think, in all, a successful evening.

I had a few comments on my ding 80 post about jumping right into healing heroics, and I think I've talked myself into "two purples = healer" so I might just do it tonight!
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