Monday, 22 February 2010

Progress Post: Heroic Healer

Time for a quick update since it has been a whole week since Leesah dinged 80. 

It was quite a successful weekend.  I had started off healing normal level 80 dungeons and struggling to heal normal ToC, and doing shocking dps in random heroics as Moonkin.  After a couple of lucky drops and a badge upgrade or two (it was mainly Bone Golem Scapula and 2-piece tier 9 that convinced me!), I decided to bite the bullet and heal a heroic. 

I chose carefully from a few select dungeons and ended up in Utgarde Keep.  What followed was the most ridiculously quick blast-through I have been part of.  I barely healed - the tank barely took damage, and each pull lasted no more than 10 seconds.  The whole dungeon was complete in about 10 mins.  I got the feeling that my victory over healing a heroic was slightly hollow.

I healed many more heroics over the weekend, but there were two that really made me feel more like a Real Heroic Healer.  Firstly, Heroic ToC.  I was petrified when the loading screen came up, especially after the Champions were down and next up was Paletress.  The group wasn't super-geared and we had to work for it, but we got through it all and no-one died, and I was ecstatic and shaking like a leaf by the end of it.

The second one was Halls of Stone.  I knew that the Brann event was tough to heal - I had been in there on heroic as Moonkin the previous day when a few of the group had died, but this time I healed my lil barky arse off and no-one died, and I was so proud that I had to go and have a stiff drink afterwards.

Tonight I picked up the Looking For Many achievement as well, but I've still got a few more dungeon elders to visit before the other title of the season.

So even though Leesah now has more purples than blues (but still green trinkets!), I know there's still a long way to go.  It's all about practice, and getting those Emblems at the moment.  And I'm loving every minute of it :)
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