Monday, 15 February 2010

Progress Post: Level 80!!

It has been a weekend of distractions, but finally, Leesah has dinged 80.  I found myself just a few thousand short of the end after doing a quest, so went flying to make it an exploration ding :)

So um, what do I do now?

From level 70, I tried to do a random dungeon every day, so the first thing after dinging was head back to Dalaran to work out what to spend my 36 [Emblem of Triumph] on!  I settled on the Runetotem's Handguards of Conquest, the Tier 9 gloves, because the gloves I had were possibly the worst thing I was wearing.  So I got a shiny purple!!!

I went and made sure to train level 80 spells in both specs.  I also bought a few BoE pieces from the Auction House - I already had a Ymirjar Physician's Robe in the bank waiting, so in all, there were a few instant upgrades.  Unfortunately once I went back into a dungeon to try out Forge of Souls, which by the way is much harder to heal than the other normals so far, one of the paladins needed on the Spiteful Signet and dropped group immediately.  Not happy.  One thing I was suprised to see in FoS normal was that you get [Emblem of Triumph] for killing bosses in there. I might try running that one a few times to get more emblems before I try healing a heroic!  Also doing the questline in there scores you a few [Emblem of Frost] so that's a nice kick-start.

So, the plan continues - run normal 80 dungeons until I get a few upgrades and run daily randoms to get emblems.  I have no idea when to try a heroic but I'll have to at some point, because I won't be able to upgrade any other way.  Can anyone suggest which heroic might be the easiest to heal?

A quick re-introduction
I might just quickly re-introduce myself since it's nearly been two months since I started this here blog and I have a few more readers now (hello new readers!).

My husband and I started playing WoW back around Christmas 2006 on a European server, since we lived in the UK at the time.  My first level 70 was my Human Shadow Priest, and I raided with her from around May 2008 (up to Black Temple in TBC) up until March 2009.  I also had an alt 80 tree druid who I loved to play.  At that time, we were farming Naxx like everyone else, then just a few weeks before Ulduar was released we left the UK and traveled for 5 months to get home to Australia (but that's another story). 

The addiction runs deep and I couldn't shake it off in that short time, so I started playing again as soon as we had internet.  The latency to European servers is pretty bad from here, and the timezones meant that we never got to play or raid with our old guild, so we made the decision to start all over on an Oceanic realm.  Just before Christmas 2009, my druid Leesah was begun and leveled up to 60 in just a few days /played using refer-a-friend.  The rest of the leveling has taken a while but I'm there now.  I am really missing being in a guild - that will be one of the next challenges:  finding a guild who is as awesome as my guild on the EU realm was ;)

Anyway enough of that.  Hang around because tomorrow (or later tonight for this side of the world), my lovely secret admirer will be revealed, and you'll get to hear who I've been stalking admiring these last few days!

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