Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Going Down?

Recently Leesah got the Going Down achievement. I assure you it was completely by accident, and it didn't involve flight form.

Y'see, I like to fly into Dalaran from multiple directions and get close to where I'm going before I get kicked out of flight form. I have done this for as long as I've been visiting Dalaran, and I still can't tell where I am in the city until I fly over the walls and into the city zone.

The other night, I flew in, and realised I was over the Violet Hold. I turned and headed roughly bank-wards, except I was booted out of flight form before I cleared the edge of the Violet Hold roof. There's a fence around the edge of the roof, which means you can't jump down inside the city, and because I was inside the city zone, I couldn't go back into flight form to fly over the fence.

There was only one thing for it. I was going to have to jump off the edge of Dalaran. As a druid that is not as scary as it sounds - one of our perks is that we can shift in mid-air, so all I had to do is wait until I fell out of the city zone and shift.  So I jumped - not off the dome of the roof but off the grey ledge below it.

... and landed on the ledge that runs around the outside of the city, and didn't die, and got the achievement.

Tonight I tried to repeat it on my mage, but I died and couldn't get back to my corpse and had to cop the res sickness.  Good luck trying!
How did you get your Going Down? Keep it clean now people ;)
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