Thursday, 15 April 2010

What You're Looking For

So this blog thing, it's going pretty well so far. I've been going for about four months or so, and I'm having a great time writing, finding my voice and commenting around the Bloggy community.  Twitter became my /g chat before I had one and continues to be an inspiration and also a distraction!

I'm in a good place with traffic at the moment - there are enough of you to mean there are a few commenters and lovely people who link me and put me on their blogrolls - Thanks so much!  Also I have few enough readers to stay under the radar which seems to be a good thing considering the crazy things I hear it does to others' blogs.

The pages on R&R most found through searches are the Resto and Balance gear lists and cheat sheets, and also the Power Auras pages. I don't get much feedback about them but a few people have told me they are useful so that makes me happy.

There are an interesting range of other questions that bring people to R&R.  Here is a selection:

lunar eclipse robes good for moonkin? and lunar eclipse robes for resto druid 
Yes, Lunar Eclipse Robes are great for both specs if you can afford to have them made, although for Moonkin you may prefer Merlin's Robe (cloth) for haste over Spirit. The Tier 10 chests and the Vestments of Spruce and Fir are better though, if you have access to 95 Frosts.

Meh, it's okay, but if you can get your hands on the Spectral Kris from H-ToC or Surgeon's Needle from H-PoS with an offhand, you'll be better off.

coords for pit of saron
The entrance to all three ICC 5-mans is about halfway up the side of the Citadel, at  52.5, 89.3. From the graveyard, face the citadel then head to the right side of it.

elitist jerks flaring growth
Does it itch? You can probably get some ointment for that.

fastest way to rejuvenate legs
Well I should start by sitting down and putting your feet up. My resto gear post was probably not what this person was looking for.

fresh 80 shaman omming
Er... this is not that kind of blog... just so you know. Just because my husband has a fresh 80 shaman does not mean you can ask personal questions!

how to effectively heal heroics as fresh 80 resto druid
I think the real trick to getting through your first heroics as a healer is by going with an experienced tank. Go with your guildies, or if you haven't got any like I didn't, close your eyes and pray for a good tank. After that, it's really just about keeping your Rejuvenation up on the tank and any dps that like to attract damage, spot heal with Nourish or Regrowth and Wild Growth the splash damage. The more practice you have, the more confident you'll become and the easier it will be.

level 80 1h healing
Well, you can probably heal with one hand if you're really keen, but what is the other hand doing?  Actually... don't answer that.

Yeah yeah, I see y'all cheating on the egg hunt *peer* I hope that wasn't any of the winners!

should i go to pick flowers?
Why yes, most places around the world have flowers out this time of year!

wow macro for nature of the magic to other one
Um... no idea what nature of the magic is, or the other one. Good luck with that!
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