Sunday 4 April 2010

Let The Egg Hunt Begin!

Happy Noblegarden, and Welcome to the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt!

The army of Noblegarden bunnies has been out and about overnight and hidden eggs all over the Blogosphere!

In the blogs listed below, there are Noblegarden Eggs hidden.  The eggs could be hidden anywhere on the blog - in an image, in the sidebar, in a post less than seven days old.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find all the eggs, then email your list of exact locations to [wowegghunt at gmail dot com] by Midnight GMT, Wednesday April 7th.

The first person to email a complete, correct list of egg locations, wins a character portait drawn by the talented fan artist, Mason Cole.

The second person to email the list, will win a montage image of either Horde or Alliance characters, also by Mason Cole.

There is more information on how to submit your entries in this post from yesterday.

Please make sure you send your entry to [wowegghunt at gmail dot com]!

And remember, the world has a built-in time delay. If you can't find an egg, check back later because there's a chance it's not up yet.

ALL EGGS ARE NOW CONFIRMED!  Send in your complete lists before Wednesday morning Australian time ;)
I'd like to give a BIG thank you to all the blogs participating - you guys are what make community events awesome!

Happy Hunting!

List of Blogs
A Healadin's Tear (confirmed)
Alt in the Family (confirmed)
Cannot Be Tamed (confirmed)
Destructive Reach (confirmed)
Dreambound (confirmed)
Druid Main (confirmed)
Emerald Dreamers (confirmed)
Escapist Scrawl (confirmed)
Fel Concentration (confirmed)
Gnomaggedon (confirmed)
Heals in Heels (confirmed)
Jaded Alt (confirmed)
Kamalia et Alia (confirmed)
Killing Em Slowly (confirmed)
Light and Leafy (confirmed)
Lore Writer (confirmed)
Mana Obscura (confirmed)
Mind Blast (confirmed)
OddCraft (confirmed)
Oh look, an Alt! (confirmed)
Primal Precision (confirmed)
Pugging Pally (confirmed)
PW:Bubble (confirmed)
She Plays WoW (confirmed)
Stories of WoW (confirmed)
Swift Retribution (confirmed)
Sunfyre's Nest (confirmed)
The Daily Hunter (confirmed)
The Hunting Lodge (confirmed)
The Lazy Sniper (confirmed)
The WoW Storm (confirmed)
Underwear Optional (confirmed)
Wow I'm Lost (confirmed)
Wow in an Hour (confirmed)
WoW Philosophized (confirmed)

Total number of eggs to find: 45! (added Jaded Alt)

Note: If your blog is not marked as (confirmed), please email or DM me to tell me where your egg is hidden, so that I know you haven't forgotten.

Here's my recommendation as an incentive:  Every time you find a blog egg, nom on one of these irl :)

PS. Image at the top of the post was pinched from the World of Warcraft Noblegarden gallery, and is credited to a player called Matticai. Soon I'll have my own Noblegarden screenies and will be able to stop using everyone elses ;)
PPS. Image at the bottom of the post is mine and at my house, and I am going to eat all of them, muahahaaaa!  Ahem.
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