Monday, 12 April 2010

Progress Post: Bumbling Along

I haven't done one of these for a while so I thought I'd catch up a bit with my toons.

Leesah is having a great time, healing in randoms and mostly Moonkin in guild things, since we seem to have a healer surplus. I don't mind going along as dps, except when healer gear drops, because then I feel guilty about rolling on it. We're running ICC-10 twice a week and I'm usually the third healer, so I'm dps most of the time then I heal on the harder boss fights. We've got both Festergut and Rotface down now so tonight it's all new - either Blood Princes or Putricide (or both?!?!).

We do the weekly raid on Thursdays so my Frosties have been adding up a little bit - in fact I just purchased my first T-10 piece, the gloves. I'm wearing them at the moment but I might go back to 4-tier-9 until I get enough for a second tier-10 piece.  

What do fellow restos think?  Is the crit bonus on Rejuvenation significant enough to keep the 4-T-9 bonus until a second piece of T-10 comes along?

I'm finding now that I've been running 10-mans again that I'm missing 25-mans a bit. I healed a pug 25-man ICC last weekend and it was fairly disastrous, not to mention that they gave the Abacus to a druid who had come along as Moonkin (/facepalm).  The group fell apart on Saurfang after we hit the enrage timer a couple of times. I'd much rather stick with guild groups but my guild just doesn't have the numbers for 25. I'm not ready to move just yet either and the people in this guild are lovely, so we'll see how the pugging goes for a little while.

You might notice in Leesah's achievement feed -> that she's been getting a few Outland dungeons done.  This is because my latest project is to get the Karazhan key. There's just Black Morass left now! I've managed to solo most of them, but I broke last night on the Mechanar gauntlet.  I'm also going to bring help for Black Morass because if something goes wrong, you have to start the whole thing again, and I just cba with that :)

Oh and she's now Leesah the Noble. And may I just say that Chocoholic is one of the most satisfying achievements I've done.

Aefa collected just enough eggs to get the Polymorph: Rabbit spell. I didn't bother with the rest for her because there is really only so long one can hunt eggs for before mush-brain occurs.

She's been working hard for the Horde in Northrend the last couple of weeks.  After the events of Wrathgate she headed out to Grizzly Hills for some rest and recuperation as Leesah did, and is close to 76, helping out some old troll called Drakuru. I'm quite looking forward to having two level 80s again just for a bit of choice and a fresh project.

My poor baby Shaman Balindah is sitting in Swamp of Sorrows at level 41.  I kind of abandoned her there after our Refer-a-Friend finished - I hope she's not minding the mosquitoes too much. /guilt

And apart from WoW? I've been working on another project - rewriting my travel blog a year later. If you're interested in reading about a journey overland from London to Beijing, check out  Shameless self-promotion ahoy :)
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