Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring is Sprung

First things first - how many eggs have you found in the Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt?  I'm still accepting entries until tomorrow morning my time (midnight GMT Wednesday) so keep hunting!  All the eggs are confirmed as being up now, and some are harder than others, but they are all definately there, and many of them are ingeniously hidden!

Tomorrow I'll post a list of where all the eggs are, and also reveal the winners.

How's your Noblegarden achievement coming along? I must recommend the Noblegarden Guide at Wowhead - it's a comprehensive list of all the items and achievements.

I want to hunt eggs in-game on Aefa to get the rabbit polymorph spell (mostly because of the awesome spell icon), but I want to get the Noble Gardener achievement for Leesah. I find I can't camp egg spawn spots for more than half and hour at a time before I expire from boredom, so it's slow going but I'll get there! I did just discover tonight that the final minutes before maintenance shut-down is a brilliant time to speed-gather - there were only about 3 other people zipping around Brill with me tonight and I got to 100 eggs just before I got disconnected!

In other news, you may have heard that there were some announcements today from Blizzard. I'll just quickly go through the news for Druids. Of course, keep in mind this is all early days and could change completely by the time the expansion is actually released.

Firstly, there was a blue post about changes to dispel mechanics planned for Cataclysm. The MMO-Champion copy of the blue forum post is here.

Basically, Druids are going to lose Abolish Poison. Abolish Disease (Priest) and Cleansing Totem (Shaman) are also getting the chop, which is a shame.  Druids will still be able to cure poisons and curses, probably with one single spell, similar to Cleanse. Resto Druids will also be able to dispel defensive Magic such as polymorph on a friendly player, but we will have to talent for it. 

It will soon become clear what Blizzard is planning for talent changes, because they have also today posted a schedule for information on class changes for Cataclysm.  The information will be released over the next few days and Druids are scheduled for Friday, April 9th.

The last piece of news released today makes me cry, because they will soon be rewarding a new flying two-seater rocket mount for the Refer-A-Friend bonus. We only finished RAF last week!  LAST WEEK BLIZZARD!  /shakes fist at the heavens

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