Friday, 9 April 2010

Reader Roundup April 9

It's time for another Reader Roundup! I'm sure I don't need to point you towards anything to do with the Cataclysm preview announcements, as it's really a bit hard to avoid them.  The Druid changes aren't coming until tomorrow my time and I'll go over them when they appear, but until then, here's some other stuff to read.

Firstly, there's still a couple of days until Noblegarden ends - how are you going with the achievements? Apart from all the business I was up to with the Noblegarden Egg Hunt, there were some very busy people in game!
  • Anea started a new character and managed to get The Noble at level 6! I was seriously impressed with that, then I was further impressed when I saw this:
  • Birdfall interviewed a player who had convinced her to help him get The Noble on a level 1 bank alt!
An update on April Fool's Jokes:
  • Remember EPEEN? Well someone has actually developed it as an Addon
  • Play a tree healer and need help figuring out Death knights?  Psynister teaches us how. Since I missed this one in my April Fool's wrap up I thought I'd link it here, because his diagrams are super cute :)
Need strategy?
  • Matticus posted this very useful guide to Sindragosa 10. I haven't seen this fight yet myself, but the mechanics sound complicated and I found this guide was quite easy to understand.
  • Kae of Dreambound Druid drew an uber-cute comic to explain the Lich King encounter. This is part 1 showing phase 1 and the first transition.  There's more to come...
In the world of prose this week there were two items of complete Awesome.
  • Over at Righteous Orbs there was a heartrending tale of one Kobold's struggle against oppression - I Gerald. Read, laugh, cry, hope.
  • Kiss My Alas came up with the new and completely brilliant genre of Jane Austen Warcraft. If you haven't read it yet, you must.  The first chapter is here and the second and third can be found here. More please!
And finally, a very welcome back to Zelmaru of Murloc Parliament, who you may know as the Cranky Healer of yore.

PS. The image at the top is from the BBC series, the Definitive version.  That is all.
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