Friday, 30 April 2010

Reader Roundup: April 30

It's time for another look at what's going on around the blogosphere.  This week it was all about the announced Cataclysm raid changes, but I think we've talked about that to death now, and we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out, for good or bad.

There has been plenty of other good stuff going on though!

Firstly, I'd like to wish Gazimoff of The Mana Obscura and his wife-to-be congratulations, and the very best of luck for their wedding this weekend!

Now to the links:
  • For all you budding (geddit?) Resto Druids out there, Keeva has created a Resto PvE guide. More information for the win!

  • Kae at Dreambound pointed us to the Paragon forums to a post about healing in cooperation with other healers.  Very interesting read... I've added PW:S to my grid indicators and I'm trying to be more aware of the order I heal people in raids this week.

  • Children's Week starts on Sunday May 2nd and runs until the 8th!  There's a few days to get your nose into some battlegrounds to scout out how to complete School of Hard Knocks, and Cynwise has all the advice you need. I forsee many deaths (my own, mainly) and copious swearing.

  • Windsoar wrote this very informative article about the healing addon, Injector. I've been meaning to try Injector out after Windsoar's recommendation but haven't got around to it yet - I don't really have any problems using Grid at the moment but it's always nice to try new things just in case you discover that you really love it.

  • Ambrosine had a bit of a trying time in a pug the other day.  Treepunches ftw!  Honestly, there's no point arguing with some people.

  • Sylly at Rolling Hots has listed the 10 sure signs that Arthas is definately a man, in response to her guild's disparaging remarks about how to tell Sindragosa is a female.

  • Wulfy at Barrens Chat posted all about Sentry Totems and their uses, in an attempt to convince Blizz not to remove them from the game!

  •'s Around Azeroth column has some great images, but this one just made me giggle.

  • And finally, I'll leave you with a song.  Well, Stop at The Stoppable Force will leave us with a song - Raiding in a Yellow Submarine
Happy Reading!
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